A village by the sea

Architecture as testimony has always been one of the founding pillars of an architect’s work, but seeing it come to reality is a different story.
The single-family villa on the beach in Terracina does indeed tell a story. It is the story of a family that starts way back: a father in the 1960s who decides to build a holiday home to enjoy with his family. Here a young boy grows up who, years later, will relive those places together with his children, in a time continuum that allows the architecture of the place to remain alive and become a testimony to a family history.


Key Information:

Size. 250 qm
Year. 2021-
Place. Terracina, Italy

Gallery Corridor

An architecture made of time, in which nature is the protagonist in its tireless transformation, while remaining firmly anchored to the roots of its own history.

The project therefore wants to focus on the places of conviviality. The two houses, the manor house and the guest house, thus become just one of the stages of an emotional journey that starts from the entrance, crosses the garden, experiences the interior spaces of the house and leads to the sea and the sky.


The garden thus offers different areas for meeting: raised gardens for a more intimate occasion, green spaces for experiencing nature together, recreational areas for sports and aggregation points for sharing a moment with friends.

In this way, the garden tells its story and shows its ability to be part of the family’s history at every moment of their lives. This results in a formal transition from a Mediterranean garden to an arid, rural landscape, a metaphor for the passing of the years, finally merging with the seascape.