T-vida is a hospitality brand for services and accommodations with a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Exclusive and high-quality hotel complexes on and near the water are planned, which currently do not exist in this form in Europe. They differ significantly from other floating facilities by an impressive architecture, an exclusive style, the unique concept and the offered services.
The concept is based on small houses floating on the water, connected by a footbridge. A harbor, a community house with restaurant and the individual houses make the hotel complex a unique experience.


Key Information:

Client. T-Vida
Services. Competition
Year. 2021

Gallery Corridor

“Finding balance on water, escaping everyday stress and enjoying the absolute privacy while being part of a community.”

Bathroom Details

The overlapping volumes make ideal use of the site’s topography and offer exciting views from all perspectives.

The spacious rooms in the basement have direct access to the garden, which opens out onto the lake and allows for expansive views. Above it hangs spectacularly the metal-clad outdoor pool, which seems to extend into the lake at the end of the terrace.