A Brand's Headquarter

A 170 square metre, almost square room is currently divided centrally by two organically shaped volumes. In the future, this space will house offices and meeting rooms, as well as a conference room and a representative reception area.

Two different design approaches were pursued for this – working with the existing building or redeveloping the entire space.

Both variants work with the essential characteristics of the Occhio brand and, through different approaches and budgeting, achieve the goal of combining all the required functions while taking the appearance into account.


Key Information:

Size. 170 qm
Year. 2022
Place. Munich

Gallery Corridor

“The “luxury love brand” Occhio is the manufacturer of a holistic lighting system in design, materiality and quality. At Wiener Platz in Munich, representative spaces for working, meeting and impressing are to be created in the company’s existing headquarters – a space that represents the brand.