Movement meets Tradition

Milan has always been the perfect container for new experiments, challenges and fashionable lifestyles. Its ability to attract revolutionary personalities has shaped its architectural appearance and made it a city in constant transformation.
In this climate of perpetual avant-garde, Satellite office lands in Milan. Satellite is a strong, independent woman with a revolutionary character. As futurism did to Milan before, Satellite aims to bring speed, experimentation and a break with tradition to Milan’s traditional working spaces.

Inside a historic building behind the glamorous Scala theatre in Milan, Satellite fits in with a concept of flexible and powerful co-workspaces.

The spaces, which accommodate and reinterpret some classic elements of Milanese architecture, are shaped and suitable to accommodate infinite and changing user forms.


Key Information:

Size. 1.000 qm
Year. 2022-
Place. Milano

Gallery Corridor

From meeting rooms to event spaces, from traditional to unconventional, Milan still roars with the loud noise of the avant-garde.