Historical Villa at Lake Como

In order to respect the historical context of the existing building on the shores of Lake Como, the dialogue between intentional, contemporary interventions and existing, historical designs, creates the basis of the ROSE project. Any contemporary intervention is deliberately recognisable, so that the contrast between past and present reactivates the generous spaces with character and charm.

The building with a strong historical character from the 1920s is characterised by magnificent façades and spacious interiors designed by the Italian architects Achille and Piergiacomo Castiglioni, facing the lake.


Key Information:

Size. 600 qm
Year. 2021-
Place. Lake Como

Gallery Corridor

“The house, with its significant historical value, is rich in historical details. When contacting the clients, the concern was therefore to unite the precious existing structures with a contemporary architectural language in which they could identify and feel comfortable.”

Various project views

Our intervention should therefore enter into a dialogue with this grand design while respecting its identity. The project, divided into four habitable floors and a tower, expresses itself through modern geometries and an articulation at different heights. The addition of a sculptural podium on the ground floor also allows visitors to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view that was previously obstructed.